About us

Thestion Yachting is a family company running since 2018 in Lefkada and Corfu marinas in Greece.

We have created this company out of love for sailing and sea.

We have started with a proprietary Bavaria Cruiser 46 sailboat, while we have already expanded our fleet with very carefully selected boats, and our business in collaboration with professional individuals in chartering industry who can offer you top technical support and chartering services, in the most affordable prices.

We assure you that every one of our boats is perfectly safe to sail to the greek islands.

Here in Thestion Yachting we understand that each customer has special needs. By always paying attention to your demands, our main concern is to keep you satisfied.

Our staff and collaborates' perennial experience in yachting industry certify the high quality of services we provide.

Our bases' managers are always by your side before, during and until your safe return to our base.

Discover and plan by yourselves a journey that will lead you to the greek islands' paradise, you'll meet us there while we do our best to make you feel welcome on board, become familiar with sea and sailing, to experience moments like never before.

We understand how precious your holidays are and we take it very seriously!

We consider our customers as close friends, and our aim is to satisfy all their needs about their holidays.

On your arrival we'll be the first people you meet and by your departure we hope to have become your friends whom you'll say goodbye, renewing your rendezvous for your next sailing trip.

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